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We have a mobile gallery - always present on the internet and sometimes showing up in the physical world. Our ambition is to present art to a knowledgeable and curious audience. So we invite knowledgeable and curious artists.

Gusten Wolphram in between

The painter Gusten Wolphram was born during the 50'ies. That was a time of glowing optimism and hope for the future. Gusten has brought this vivid spirit into evertyhing he does – through his artistry, his competence and his relations.

The title of the exhibition catalog, directly translated from Swedish, is “Between minor key and white”. The choice of the title reflects the intention to present something ”in between” two, not naturally apprehended poles – to trigger fantasy and to explore that something in between. And at the same time, offer a journey from one side to the other and back in an oscillating movement. Living in between or living in both sides is perhaps a matter of attitude.

In the catalog, Gusten presents paintings from recent years. We are very pleased to be part of that catalog, as it is in such a good resonance with the ambition of our gallery.

Buy the catalog Mellan vitt och moll at Vulkan.

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